VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System Review

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System Review

The hydroponics plant growing system has become a savior to people who want to grow their own food at home, but don’t have the knowledge or time. But many people are still not aware of hydroponics and how to use it. They end up with other complicated and ineffective growing systems in the market.

But that’s no longer the problem because the solution is provided by VIVOSUN, which offers special products for hydroponics like the soilless mix, plant nutrients, seed starters, etc. Their products have been used by many gardening enthusiasts worldwide, and they are quite satisfied with their performance.

Every gardener needs to grow something at home through soil or through the hydroponics method. If you also want to try this amazing product, you must learn about it first. Today, I will share my honest review of their popular growing system called the VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System. Let’s get started!

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing Overview

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System is the most popular product from the VIVOSUN Company. It’s a good choice for hydroponics lovers to grow plants without soil or any other medium. This growing system can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening purposes according to your requirements, climate conditions, and more.

This product employs the science of hydroponics, which means growing plants without using any medium like soil. Plants get their minerals from water, and they will grow in the air with the help of a lighting system. That’s why this growing system is suitable for places where you can’t use soil to plant your favorite flowers, crops, or other types of plants in your garden.

This hydroponics growing system offers some bonuses like a specially designed light fixture and also a power strip. The method employs smart technology and is proven to deliver fruitful results in harvesting the plants. The plants grown using this method are said to grow 20% faster than other plants.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics growing system is a complete system that will help you grow healthy, strong and better-looking plants. Using this very simple gardening method, you can enjoy planting your favorite flowers, fruits or veggies in your own home, no matter how busy you are with lots of work at home or the office.

In my opinion, it is the perfect hydroponic system for any home gardener who wants to grow something in their garden and requires an easy way to do so by using this wonderful product.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Plant Growing Key Features

VIVOSUN Hydroponics growing system comes with a host of features that every beginner or expert gardener will no doubt love. Here are some of the features that you’re going to love about this growing system:

Eco Friendly and Safe Design

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics contains a three-tier plant module that has been designed using only durable polypropylene material. The eco-friendly design of the system makes it safe for use in the garden. The system requires less water and space to deliver optimum results.

Quick Setup

The system does not require any tool for setup, so you can get started with using it in your garden right away. You can easily select a place for it either inside or outside the house as long as there is adequate water and light supply. The ease of setup has made this product perfect for beginners in this type of gardening system.

Powerful Air Pump System

The VIVOSUN hydroponics comes with an in-built air pump system. The pump ensures that the plants receive all the required oxygen and moisture needed for healthy growth. Additionally, the pump has been placed at a low height to not interfere with your garden space.

Timed Circulatory System

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System comes with a timer that automatically controls the circulation of nutrients and oxygen in your growing system. This gives you more time to work on other aspects of your gardening project while still monitoring your garden’s health.

Perfect Blend of Nutrients and Oxygen Consistency

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics does not disappoint when it comes to giving your plants the nutrients they deserve. The system comes with a pH balance and mineral kit that ensures your plants are getting everything they need to grow in the most optimal conditions.

Cost and Space Efficient

Since the VIVOSUN Hydroponics plant growing system is hydroponic, you do not require much space for it or any other additional equipment. The system comes with enough space to enable it to accommodate up to 18 plants so you can maximize the space of your garden. It is also cost-effective, thanks to the fact that it uses little electricity and the nutrients are prepared in a highly concentrated form.

Adjustable LED Light

The hydroponic garden features a perfect lighting system that plants need to grow. The LED light is easy to operate and highly efficient for indoor plants. The plugs are all weather-resistant so that you can use them even during the rain or a power outage.

The red, white, and blue lights of the LED light are designed to produce the necessary wavelengths of light. The system also comes with a timer that enables you to set different durations and cycles for each color so that your plants can grow well.

How The VIVOSUN Hydroponics Plant Growing System Works

The hydroponics growing system is a three-plant tray system. There are a total of nine sections in the tray, which are divided into three separate trays. The top two trays contain growing pots for plants, while the bottom tray contains a reservoir with nutrient solution and a lighting system attached to it.

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System comes with four different lights for different growth stages. There is blue light (460nm) for the germination and seedling phase, red light (620nm) for rooting and vegetative stage, white/purple light for flowers, and yellow/orange for fruiting.

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System is a great system with high-quality materials. The tray is made of solid steel with a powder painted finish for durability and easy cleaning. It also contains nine individual removable sections, making it useful to rearrange pots without disturbing other plants.

This way, you can put the small seedlings in one section while the large plant in another section leaves enough room for nutrients to circulate throughout your plants. It is also very easy to remove just one tray and place some new plants on it. This way, you can expand your garden easily when necessary.

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System has nine individual compartments designed to grow all sorts of plant combinations you prefer, including flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

How The VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System Compares to Other Products

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics growing system has garnered many positive reviews from customers as compared to other systems. Many users are generally happy with the results that they get from using this product. However, some people say it is a bit pricey compared to other hydroponics systems available in the market today.

Many users agree that the VIVOSUN hydroponics kit is a versatile product, which allows its users to grow plants in various ways. It can be used as a complete hydroponics system, or it can be used as an extra tray to hold water if the user already has a hydroponic garden. This is a feature that many other systems don’t have.

Unlike other systems, VIVOSUN Hydroponics growing kit comes with clear instructions on how to grow plants in this water tray. It contains all of the useful information needed so that anyone can start growing hydroponics plants regardless of their gardening experience levels.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System Pros and Cons

Like any other product in the market, VIVOSUN also comes with its share of pros and cons. Here are some:

The Pros:

  • It provides a complete hydroponics system to its users, allowing the user to grow plants more effectively without worrying about other factors such as nutrients. 
  • The system is user-friendly and can be set up by anyone because it comes with clear instructions.
  • It is a complete hydroponics system, and you do not have to spend additional money purchasing other gardening tools, nutrients or anything else. The kit already contains everything that’s needed for planting hydroponic plants.
  • The growing system is affordable and worth the price that it offers.
  • It comes with several accessories, including a light, nutrient solution bottle, timer, and other necessary things for a person to grow plants hydroponically.
  • The product’s installation process is quite simple as you do not need any previous experience or skills in gardening to set up this system.

The Cons:

  • Plant growth depends on many factors. If you are not following the rules and instructions while using this product, you might get poor results.
  • The user manual included with the kit is quite nice, but it lacks a few things explaining in-depth how to properly take care of the plants when they grow from seedling to flower stages. 
  • Needs assembly, so it might be frustrating for some people who have difficulty with assembling products
  • You cannot adjust the auto-light setting, which can sometimes force you to stick to the manual setting.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing System Value for Money

This system is one of the more affordable hydroponics systems on the market. For a complete kit that comes packed in a large box, that’s quite good value for the content inside it. Most users who’ve tried this system find it pretty affordable, and it offers great value for the money.

Our Verdict

The VIVOSUN Hydroponics growing system is a great choice for beginners who want to begin their journey towards having a hydroponic garden. It’s not just a starter kit, but it is also an educational tool that will help you learn about the entire hydroponics system. It comes with a user manual that guides you on how to use it.

The most important thing is this system can grow all kinds of plants and flowers that need more than 80% humidity, and it can also be used in a greenhouse. So if you are looking for a great gardening assistant to skyrocket your indoor gardening, the VIVOSUN Hydroponics plant growing system is the best choice for you.