iDOO Indoor Herb Hydroponic Garden Kit Review

iDOO Indoor Herb Hydroponic Garden Kit Review

iDOO hydroponic garden kit offers you an easy and safe way to grow your herbs and vegetables indoors. You can grow herbs all year round without limitations of the weather outside. This ready-made kit makes gardening easy with various types of fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies within your reach.

Although this hydroponic garden kit doesn’t come with seeds, you have the freedom to choose any herbs or vegetables you’d like. This garden kit has nicely spaced 12 empty pods capacity giving each plant plenty of room to thrive.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect indoor garden kit, iDOO comes ready-made and you can start planting as soon as you unbox it. Below, you’ll find all the key features this product offers you, the advantages of using it, and how it compares to others. 

Key Features

Hydroponic Circulation System

iDOO comes with an efficient water system allowing you to operate remotely. This system saves on water usage while reducing evaporation, overflow, and leakage. You get to control the water and nutrients intake for your plants to grow faster and healthier.  This hydroponic system delivers water to all 12 pods evenly, which is better than soil farming.

You’ll get to set routine timers that allow the water pumps to distribute water in 30 minutes intervals or 12 hours on and off periods. iDOO can also pair with your phone allowing you to control the circulation system remotely.

Air Circulation System

This hydroponic garden kit comes with a fan on the light panel to regulate temperatures, promote airflow, and increase pollination during the flowering stage. The air circulation system works automatically and produces minimal noise.

The system is also easy to use. It comes with a labeled on and off button. You have the option of switching off for 10 hours and on or 30 minutes intervals. The fan system doesn’t consume much energy so your electric bills won’t increase drastically.

Grow Lights

iDOO hydroponic growing system comes with 23-watt LED lights enough to mimic sunlight required to produce healthy plants. That way you can place your garden kit anywhere in your home.

It comes with three lighting colors including white for soft light especially during the day, red for high yields, and blue to prevent overcrowding. Remember to adjust your lights depending on the seasons for a bountiful harvest.


Compared to other hydroponic gardens in this category, iDOO is cheaper than most. You get to enjoy all the wonderful features at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Now you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in your home while avoiding the trip to the grocery store, especially in this pandemic.

Why Grow With The iDOO Indoor Hydroponics Garden Kit?

iDOO uses water with nutrients to support your crops from seedlings to healthy produce. When it comes to indoor planting, things like space, soil, and sunlight can cause major problems to your crops. However, with this indoor hydroponic garden, you no longer have to worry about such issues.

The garden kit comes with a sponge that holds the seeds while providing the necessary nutrients for the roots to develop. Since there’s no soil in the kit, you add the necessary nutrients directly to the water and the circulating system will distribute it evenly.

You have the freedom to place an iDOO hydroponic planter anywhere you like. With the overhead growing lights, photosynthesis will continue as normal. In addition, you can regulate the temperatures and light allowing your plants to take in all the energy required.

Furthermore, iDOO makes gardening easier and improves the quality of produce. You don’t need gardening experience to use the kit. It comes with manual instructions and after setting up, you’re good to go.

Pros and Cons of using the iDOO Hydroponic Garden Kit


  • It comes with an advanced water circulation system, with a silent fan and automatic on and off switch system
  • You can adjust the height to accommodate tall herbs or vegetables
  • It comes with automatic LED lights that simulate natural sunlight
  • It has 2 smart grow modes supporting fruits and vegetables
  • It has smart soil sponge pods that support seeds until they take root
  • It’s designed with efficient and durable materials
  • Takes small storage space
  • It is affordable


  • It doesn’t come with hydroponic seeds
  • It takes time to learn the hydroponic circulating system
  • If you forget to change your water, your plants may die

Product Comparison

WISREMT Hydroponics Growing System

This smart hydroponic garden comes with an automatic control panel that controls the LED grow lights. The lights turn off after 12 hours and back on after 12 hours of rest, ensuring your plants get adequate light for photosynthesis.

WISREMT comes with 10 nicely spaced pods allowing you to plant various seedlings, with enough room to grow without overcrowding. It can accommodate plants up to 12.6 inches, allowing you to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and salad greens. You can enjoy your organic veggies all year round.

You can easily adjust the height with different growth stages. When the plants are small, adjust the height to help the seedlings absorb enough energy. As they grow, increase the height for maximum yield.

This garden kit has a 4-liter water tank enough to supply your plants with enough nutrients for a week or two. With the clear water level mark, you can conveniently add water when the tanks are running low and prevent overflow or leakage. That makes your work easier and you can focus on other house chores.

GOLUMUP Hydroponics Growing System

The GOLUMUP hydroponics garden is also a great alternative. It comes with a germinating kit equipped with an efficient water circulating system to help your plants grow five times faster than in soil.

It comes with full-spectrum LED lights simulating natural sunlight. That way you can enjoy fresh herbs in any weather all year long. Feel free to place your indoor herb gardening kit anywhere in your house, without worrying about direct sunlight.

GOLUMUP comes with 2 smart growing modes labeled Veg Mode and Flower mode. In Veg mode, you get 14 hours of on and off-cycle, with white and red LED lights suitable for all herbs and vegetables. You get 14 hours of on and off-cycle in flower mode, with white, red, and blue lights suitable for different flower varieties.

For the water cycle system, This garden kit comes with 2 pump modes that allow you to pump water for 24 hours or 12 hours with 30 minutes intervals. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants or flooding your house when you leave it on.

The hydroponic planter also comes with a water shortage reminder to alert you when the levels are low. You can also adjust the grow lights’ height up to 21 inches. That way, your plants get adequate light in all stages and enough room, as they grow taller.

Blaward Hydroponics Growing System

The Blaward hydroponics growing system offers you a faster-growing process in the comforts of your home. It is designed with a 4.5-liter water capacity tank that supports the whole water circulation system, increasing oxygen in water. The system ensures each plant receives adequate nutrients faster than in soil.

It comes with a 2-pump system, the normal mode, and standby mode. With the normal mode, the pump works turns on and off with 30 minutes intervals. While using the standby mode, the water pump turns off for 12 hours and resumes for 12 hours normal cycle. That way you don’t have to be there to check on the progress every few minutes.

With the 30-watt LED lights, your plants receive light similar to natural sunlight promoting photosynthesis in all seasons. That way you don’t need to place the gardening kit on a window, and opt to place in an office, living room or kitchen counter. It is also perfectly safe for beginners or children without all the tedious gardening requirements.

The growing lights also come with 2 smart modes (Veg and Flower) for supporting your plants for different growth stages. For the Veg mode, you get 16 hours on and 8 hours off cycle with white and red lights best for green herbs and vegetables. For the flower mode, you get 16 hours on and 8 hours off cycle with white, red, and blue lights best for germination and bloom stages in all flowers.

Our Verdict

The iDOO indoor herb hydroponic garden kit allows you to enjoy fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year round. This system is equipped to provide your plants with good conditions for high yields.

It comes with a durable design and evenly spaced pods allowing your plants to thrive. The hydroponic kit is also affordable and highly efficient compared to others in its categories. With the key features tested and approved for your farming requirements, you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in all seasons. iDOO will make your planting easier and fun.

Happy Planting!