ROMPICO Hydroponics Growing System Review

Rompico Hydroponics Growing System Review

The Hydroponics system continues to rock the gardening world, thanks to the technology and enhanced features they employ. Some of the best systems in the market today have continued to impress even veteran growers with their functions.

The Rompico Hydroponics Growing System is one such system that comes with a list of advantages you won’t want to miss out on. It has been designed to give your plants an easy path towards growth so that they can bear better and more yields while you benefit from their growth in many ways.

Check out this review to learn more about what you are likely to benefit from the Rompico Hydroponics Growing System. Let’s get started!

What Is The Rompico Hydroponics System

Rompico Hydroponics Growing System is a system that can help you grow up to twelve different plants in the same area. It has a custom-designed substrate and comes with automated water management, aeration, and ventilation systems.

Getting started with this hydroponic farming system is very easy, and you can use it whether you’re a beginner or a professional in hydroponics growing systems.

You can use it for one plant or multiple plants. Additionally, you can grow whatever you want to, from strawberries to roses to tomatoes and pretty much everything in between. Just make sure the plants are not too big for the system.

The Rompico Hydroponics Growing System provides the essential tools that most hydroponic systems do not have. They are adding considerable value to the system and are easy to use.

This high-end hydroponic grow system is built using a combination of high-quality acrylic and aluminum, which makes it very durable. The whole system is also completely recyclable, so there’s no wastage whatsoever when you are done with it. Now let’s look at the features that come with this fantastic system.

Rompico Hydroponics Growing System Features

Water Pump

Rompico comes with a water pump that will continuously manage the flow of water and nutrients within your hydroponic farming system. It will keep the irrigation working well, so your plants can bear better. The pump has a power of 120 watts, and it has a maximum pressure of 25 lbs/sq in.

Not to mention that this pump comes with an ultra-quiet design, so you can be sure that it is not going to disturb your environment when in use.

Hydro Controller

Another impressive feature you are bound to love about Rompico Hydroponics Growing System is its Hydro Controller, which is designed to be fully adjustable. The controller has a light that will indicate whenever you need to perform some adjustments.

Heat Mat

This is another excellent feature of the Rompico Hydroponics Growing System. The system comes with a hydro heat mat which ensures enough warmth for your desired plants. The heat mat also ensures no cold spots in your hydroponic grow system, so you achieve the optimum growth rate.

Full Spectrum LED

To harness lighting power to ensure your plant’s growth rate, Rompico Hydroponics Growing System uses a 38-watt LED lighting system that encourages photosynthesis, increasing the growth of your plants. LED lights provide the light your plants need for you to experience their best growth rates and yields.  

The system features 12 band, red, and blue color LEDs designed especially for optimal plant growth. There are also the IR and UV LEDs that are designed to provide your beloved plants with optimal lighting conditions. With this system, you can grow vegetables and herbs hydroponically with excellent results.

12- Plant Capacity

The Rompico Hydropocis system features a 12-plant capacity that allows you to grow more plants in an efficient space. The structure of the unit prevents light leakage, maximizing the amount of light that hits your plants for them to grow well. With this, you are assured that you can grow your plants in your home without any major problems.

Auto-Watering System and Air Pump

This hydroponics growing system also features an automatic watering system and an air pump, ensuring optimum plant growth. The automated watering system allows you to water your plant regularly. They make sure the air pump makes sure that bubbles in the water are maintained for maximum aeration.

There are also two air pumps present when using the Rompico system. These pumps come with a power of 100 watts each and provide you with more than enough oxygen and pressure for the proper movement of nutrients within your hydroponic farming system.

Plant Germination Set

The plant germination set that comes with this system ensures that there is no transplant shock for your plant. The Rockwool grow cubes ensure that you do not worry about transferring the hydroponic seeds from a planting medium to a hydroponics system. This also means that you can plant on the same day and still get good results.

Water Filling Port

To ensure your plants get the right amount of water, there is a water filling port. This makes it easy to add water and nutrients. You don’t have to buy a pot separately for this.

Water Level Indicator

Don’t worry about your plants getting too much or too little water with Rompico. There is a water level indicator that lets you know how much water your plant has to add the appropriate amounts.

How Rompico Performs When Compared to Other Products

Rompico Hydroponics Growing System may be new, but it has quickly earned a reputation among the DIY hydroponics community. Common misconceptions about hydroponics systems have led to some people thinking that this system won’t perform well. In reality, this system is great for beginners and even established growers who want something lightweight and portable.

Some hydroponics systems that you can compare with Rompico include; the AeroGarden, Vivosun Hydroponics Growing System, and Vegebox Hydroponics System. These three are considered as some of the best hydroponics systems on the market, though they also come with their drawbacks.

When compared to similar products from other companies, Rompico Hydroponics Growing System stands out as the best product on the market today. The company has incorporated several features with its system that outshine other systems like this. Not to mention, it’s also very affordable.

Rompico Hydroponics System Pros and Cons


  • This system offers easy operation and maintenance that makes it a perfect choice for beginners.
  • The system is also easy to set up and install. You can also easily transplant the hydroponic seeds after germination.
  • It can grow almost any type of crop you want and comes with a comprehensive manual on getting started.
  • The hydroponics system is compact in size, which means that it will not occupy much room, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This hydroponics system offers high performance without consuming too much power
  • The water usage is low in this system which means that you will not be spending too much on electricity or refilling the water reservoir.


  • The Rompico hydroponics growing system is not suitable for plants that require a more sophisticated type of lighting.
  • This product is not designed to grow very large plants, as it can only accommodate small seedlings.
  • It can also be challenging to find the right crop to use in this system, and you cannot grow anything from seedlings to mature plants.
  • Maintaining the hydroponics system can also be problematic as one must keep the nutrient levels within range, ensure that the pH is right and change the water regularly.
  • You will also have to experiment with different crops before you can determine which are really compatible with this type of hydroponics growing system.

Does Rompico Offer Value for Money?

The Rompico Hydroponics System is one of the more premium home hydroponics systems on the market, but it does offer many benefits and features for the price. You get a system that comes with a pump, a full spectrum LED lighting, 12-plant Capacity, among other features. 

You get everything you need from a starter system to begin growing your own plants indoors. You won’t have to buy anything else from anyone else as you will have everything at hand. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you are looking for something that’s easy to use, requires simple maintenance, and consumes less energy.

Without forgetting, the Rompico hydroponics system may not be cheap, but when compared to others of the kind, you can conclude that the system is quite affordable. When you consider all the things that come with this system, you might want to choose it in favor of all others in the market. Well, the only way to confirm all these is to purchase your own Rompico Hydroponics Growing System here

Our Verdict

All in all, the Rompico Hydroponics Growing System is a new kind of system that changes the nature of growing plants with no soil. It may not offer you all the bells and whistles, but it comes at an affordable price and requires less maintenance. And most importantly, it works well with excellent performance. And before we forget, the system is one of the eco-friendly devices you can find in the market today.

So if you are looking to grow your own plants indoors without using soil, give the Rompico system a try. This incredible hydroponics system might surprise you.