QYO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Review

QYO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Review

Growing fresh herbs indoors has never been easier than when using QYO 12 Pods. This soilless farming technique enables your plants to grow faster as it provides them with sufficient light, nutrients, and water. It’s also large enough to allow you to produce more pods than the others.

The QYO hydroponics growing system comes as a complete kit and has multiple modes to grow various plants. What’s more, is the quiet automated water system and the adjustable pole height for better plant growth.

So, if you’re looking for the best indoor herb garden, this article will help you through. We’ll show you the features, pros, cons, and more.

QYO 12 Pods Key Features

Fast Growth Rate

One thing that makes the QYO 12 Pods the best choice is their ability to make your plants grow faster. This is possible because of the 36W LED grow light which improves photosynthesis rate.

The kit has a quiet automated water circulation system that enables the plants to supply enough oxygen. Through this, their growth rate increases making you not wait longer before harvesting. The water tank can hold about 3 liters of water which is adequate for the plants.

Large Growing Capacity

Another benefit of settling for QYO12 pods is having a bigger space to grow your plants. It has 12 plant pods, unlike other indoor herb gardens with less than that. This will enable you to produce 12 different plants, saving time and energy. The big grow space is suitable for plants with roots that occupy a bigger area.

Adjustable Height

You can also adjust the height of the QYO12 pods to have more plants in the system. This will make you grow various plants with ease without any height limitations. You can adjust the post height up to 21 inches.

Multiple Modes

It also has multiple modes, which is suitable for various plant growth. The veg mode is good for vegetables that don’t bloom, like basil, lettuce, or coriander. The flower mode will facilitate the development of flowering plants such as pepper, rosemary, and morning glory.

A Quiet Automated Water Circulation System

What makes the QYO12 pods the best indoor herb garden is their ability to pump water quietly. This will not interfere with your sleep pattern. The water circulation system also works on a 30 minute on and off the program, not affecting your attention. A touch on the pump button on the panel will also take it to a 12-hour sleeping mode before resuming the on and off 30-minute cycle.

Automated Lighting System

The LED lights have a self-regulated system that operates for 16 hours during the day and stays off for 8 hours at night. This allows for photosynthesis and respiration, which is good for the plant’s growth. The automated light doesn’t provide room for weather changes to affect your indoor plants.

The lights are also energy-efficient, reducing your electric bills when using this kit. Also, the full light spectrum ensures your plants get what they need, increasing their growth rate.

Portable And Fits Anywhere

It’s better to have a portable QYO hydroponics growing system, making it possible to change your growing area. A portable kit also gives you an easy time tending to your plants as you can change their position without assistance.

The 15.98 by 7.44 by 5.39 inches kit can also fit anywhere within the house, giving you a chance to use it in any room indoors. Its small size also doesn’t require a bigger space, saving you the hustle of clearing more work areas.

Easy To Use

Even your kids can look after your plants in the QYO 12 Pods indoor kit as it’s easy to use and operate. The switch modes are just a button away and are a quick way to manage the kit without much challenge. Since this is a soilless kit, your kids won’t mess your floor as they tend to the plants, keeping your house tidy and germs-free.

The additional drainage system will also allow you to drain off the water without disassembling the kit. This will ensure the water for your plants is fresh with no molds encouraging healthier growth. The drainage system will also prevent root necrosis as the plants get a clean water supply.

Full Growing Kit

This kit is a complete package, so you won’t spend additional money buying components. It has a hydroponics system, solid nutrients, 12 rods, adapter, 12 grow dome and 12 tags. You’ll get 24 sponges, 12 baskets, a manual, and an instruction card. This kit doesn’t have seeds, so you need to get yours.

QYO 12 Pods Performance Comparison

You will love having the Qyo12 pods for your plants as it offers them enough water, nutrients, and light, making your farming easier. This will increase your efforts at achieving a healthy indoor garden as the plants have everything in plenty.

The soilless system allows you to plant indoors all year long without messing your floors with dirt. It also doesn’t get affected by weather, allowing you to farm with plenty of fresh kitchen supplies throughout the seasons.

Since the water system is automated, you will spend less energy and time tending to your plants. Growing more than ten plants giving you a variety for your kitchen use is another advantage that makes it an effective indoor gardening choice.

The Qyo hydroponics also shuts on and off automatically, reducing your workload of managing your plants. The 36-wattage grow light makes it stand out from the rest, which mostly have 23W or less. This high wattage facilitates a fast growth rate as plants get enough light for photosynthesis.

On top of that, the kit has a larger holding capacity which assures you of a bumper harvest and enough food for your family. Unlike the other kits with 12 sponges, this one has 24 sponges, giving you more replacement options for planting more plants.

The pole’s adjustable height is way better as you can have your plants grow up to 21 inches high. So, you can have various plants on the Qyo hydroponics and tend to them without challenges as it’s easy to use.


Has A Drainage System

You will not have to dis-assemble this kit whenever you want to change the water as it has a drainage system. This gives you an easy time using the Qyo12 pods, ensuring your plants are healthy.

Highly Effective and Efficient

This is a power and water-efficient kit. So, you won’t spend more using it but will get a bumper harvest within a short time. The Qyo12 pods have an automated water and lights system ensuring you don’t spend much money using the kit.

All Weathered Kit

You will have a full year supply of vegetables after buying the Qyo12 pods, which enables them to grow regardless of the external weather changes. This is because the kit has enough nutrients, light, and water that provides favorable conditions.


Growing plants in this kit encourage sustainable living as there’s no use of chemicals. You’ll have all year vegetable supply without affecting the environment. No water wastage also helps conserve the environment making it adaptable.

Quality Materials

QYO 12 Pods kit comprises high-quality materials, which makes it durable. The food-safe plastic also can’t cause any harm to your health. The plastic materials have no BPA or Phthalates and are strong enough to support the plants like tomato and pole bean stakes.

Easy To Use

The automated water and energy system reduces your workload while using this kit. Furthermore, the drainage system allows you to drain dirty water without detaching the whole hydroponics system. You will not also worry about switching it on and off after some time as it automatically powers on and off.

QYO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Specs


  • It doesn’t come with seeds making you dig deeper into your pockets.

The Value of Having QYO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Investing in the QYO 12 Pods is a worthy course as you’ll enjoy the fruits that come with it. This kit enables you to grow about 12 plants effortlessly, boosting your health. It’s also easy to maintain and use as most features are automated.

The drain system also reduces your work during the water replacement, which you’ll do without a struggle. You’ll also enjoy fresh vegetables from your kit, which requires less supervision and maintenance. This will enable you feed your family healthy food that keeps them away from the hospital. Moreover, you will not pay much electricity and water bills but have a good harvest all year long.

The larger grow area and the adjustable height pave the way for growing several vegetables under multiple modes. It is also manufactured using food safe plastic materials that are good for the environment and safe for the body.

Our Verdict

You don’t have to struggle to find a perfect way to grow multiple vegetables indoors while there’s a larger Qyo hydroponics growing system. This kit is easy to use and maintain, requires less water and power to run, saving your bills. The automated system with multiple modes promotes fast plant growth, giving plenty of harvest after a shorter period.

The perfect combination QYO 12 Pods indoor herb garden kit meets the standards of an average farmer, just as elaborated in this guide.

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