Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden Review

Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden Review

In this day and age most people are investing in indoor gardening, with the Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden being one of the best indoor garden systems. This gardening system uses a special technology that allows plants to grow without soil. It has powerful LED lights that fulfill the need of sunlight, which help your plants to grow regardless of the weather conditions.

The Veritable VPOT classic indoor garden has all the desirable features you can ever wish for in an indoor gardening system. It’s easy to install and enables you to harvest within 3 to 4 weeks after planting. It’s also capable of providing your plants with sufficient light for up to 16 hours a day. Read on and find more about this amazing tool for your kitchen plants.

Key Features of Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden

Easy To Install

One of the advantages of settling for this home hydroponics is easy installation. You only need to plug it then fill your water tank. After that, insert the lingots and your plants and wait for the harvest time.

You can also install this tool anywhere in the house, like the kitchen, with little or no light and have your plants grow without major challenges. It also comes with four ready-to-use lingots, which gives you an easy time setting up things.


Veritable VPOT is one of the best hydroponics systems that are highly efficient. It produces enough light to enable your plants to thrive regardless of the outdoor lighting. The blue and white patented LED lights adjust automatically depending on the amount of natural light indoors. The LED lights can work for about 16 hours and turn off for 8 hours just as the sun would on a normal day.

The best thing about this home hydroponics is that it’s got two adjustable and independent light poles. These poles enable you to grow your plants at different sizes and stages of growth. So you’ll have enough kitchen supply all through the growing period.


You will be able to harvest after 3 or 4 weeks of planting. This means you won’t need to wait long before your plants mature. This indoor gardening system also detects natural light and adjusts accordingly. It also automatically irrigates the plants throughout the growing duration, ensuring a healthy and bumper harvest.

You will also get notified when to refill the water tank through the visual alarm. What’s more, this gardening system allows you to go out for a vacation as it will take care of itself.

Design And Inbuilt Quality

This indoor growing system measures 13 by 7.3 by 15 inches. This means you’ll have adequate space to plant various plants indoors with ease. It doesn’t require you to use soil, which helps keep your indoor space neat and clean.

It’s an electric-powered indoor gardening system with four lingots like chives, parsley, sweet basil, and thyme.

It’s also high quality and durable, giving you value for your money. The Veritable VPOT hydroponics is made and assembled in France. The blue and white patented LED light technology works like natural light. And the shape of this home hydroponics enables you to use it anywhere within the house to grow your plants.


This indoor gardening technology helps you grow fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. It requires no pesticides, fertilizer, soil making you produce natural plants. The non-GMO plants also develop without the potting soil. This makes the space clean and free of germs or bacteria.

The best thing about settling for this hydroponics is that the lingots have seeds, growing medium, and nutrients similar to those used in the gardens. This helps you grow your fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers throughout the year.

Maintenance And Cleanliness

Since this pot doesn’t use soil, you’ll not have challenges cleaning the area after tending to your plants. The automated water system also ensures there’s no wastage as the tank only gets to refill after the alarm rings. You, however, need to be cautious with the pot after touching the plants to maintain its sparkling white color. This means you should clean the outer cover to have it white all through.

Performance Comparison

This indoor planting pot is a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-install growing system. It requires you only to fill the water tank then let the system automatically irrigate your plants. Unlike other indoor gardening systems, this one has a fast-growing time enabling you to harvest after 3 or 4 weeks. This means you’ll have an adequate food supply in your kitchen all around the season.

This hydroponic system also doesn’t require nutrients or fertilizers to help the plants thrive as other systems do. The two adjustable light poles make this a good choice for anyone who wants to grow plants at different stages.

It also has four ready-to-use lingots like thyme and parsley, which gives your kitchen an aromatic smell and medicinal value. What’s more, this indoor pot ensures your plants get enough light through the colored LED lights. This helps them grow without struggling to reach natural light.

Pros of Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden

Saves Space

One of the reasons you need to consider buying these indoor growing pots is that they occupy less space. So, you will not have to set aside a bigger area to grow your indoor plants. This also means you can have several of these pots in a small place, benefiting from all of them.

If you plant indoors in a smaller area, you’ll save costs of hiring laborers to tend to your plants in a bigger garden. Hydroponics plants take less space because their roots don’t have to spread in search of nutrients and water. Remember, this gardening system delivers these directly to the plants through the hydroponic system. So, you can get high yields in a smaller space.

Doesn't Require Soil

Another benefit of using this system is that you don’t have to handle soil daily. This helps keep your space clean as the soil could spill on the floor or surfaces. Also, you’ll not have to weed or plow, which can be tiresome.

No soil also means won’t have challenges planting any plant. You will also not struggle to look for the best soil, which can be expensive to source. Not having to use soil to grow your plants helps reduce various challenges that come with limited land.

Helps Save Water

You will also not spend much money on water bills using this hydroponics gardening system. This is because these plants use less water than those growing on the soil. Such makes it the best choice for those staying in dry areas or who experience less rain.

In a hydroponics system, the water gets recirculated, and the plants only absorb what they require to survive. There are also no run-offs as most of the water gets recaptured into the system.

Conserves The Environment

This modern farming technique helps conserve the environment as you don’t use fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, you get to control the temperature and the lighting duration. Preserving the environment is also healthy for you and your family as they’re not likely to suffer from farming chemicals like pesticides.

Promotes Healthy Living

The fact that you can grow different kinds of foods for your kitchen needs means you’ll benefit health-wise. Most of the plants people grow in an indoor garden have medicinal benefits. Also, the plants are tasty, fresh, and nutritious, protecting you from diseases and boosting your immune system. The system also prevents you from harmful chemicals like pesticides affecting your health.

Cons of Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden

Many customers who’ve used this hydroponics system don’t have a lot to say on the negative side. The only downside we noticed is that the system requires electric power to operate. So, if you intend to use it where electrical supply is a problem, it won’t help much.

A few users have also reported that their system leaked due to poor installation. One user complained that the plastic cup design warped over time, which caused water to spill out of it. You might want to have a backup plan or “water catcher” ready in case this happens.

Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden Value for Money

Veritable is one of the best urban farming products you should opt for to have enough food supply all through the seasons. It allows those with no or little backyard space to grow their favorite fruits or flowers indoors. This helps you have a healthy and bumper harvest without having to dig and toil. You will also have enough food supply throughout the year.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy sweet fragrances indoors from plants like parsley. It also enables you to grow various plants indoors, making you have a variety of foods. You’ll definitely get value for your money.

Our Verdict

As the world evolves, you also need to change your farming tactics to harvest more. This is why you need the Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden. It will help you conserve space and the environment. This technology also allows you to have enough food supply all year long without laboring much as there’s no digging or weeding.

You’ll also not have to worry about watering or your plants getting enough sunlight as this system does that effectively. We hope this Veritable VPOT Classic Indoor Garden Review has been of great help and will make you farming smarter.