Ecoogrower Hydroponics Growing System Review

ECO GROWER Hydroponics Growing System Review

The ECOO grower hydroponics system allows you to work on your gardening hobby indoors. You get to plant all the fresh herbs and veggies without the tedious and messy soil-based gardening. It’s best for urban living without outdoor spaces.

With this gardening kit, you can always expect high yields, use less water or nutrients and save time. ECOO grower is also affordable and compact in size making it the best for indoor planting. We have gathered more information on all the awesome features this hydroponic system offers you.

Key Features

Eco-friendly Planting

ECOO grower hydroponic kit is a little smart garden that allows you to plant fresh fruits and vegetables without any soil contamination. You can enjoy freshly grown food all year round without any metal contamination, pesticides, and other harmful toxins used on farms. All the materials used to build the little planter are eco-friendly. This hydroponic kit is beginner-friendly and requires minimal effort to care for the plants.

Maximum Yields

Since this garden kit supports plants without soil, you can expect your plants to grow five times faster than in soil. Generally, plants do better in hydroponic systems since the roots are suspended in water-absorbing all the nutrients faster.

The tank comes with non-toxic planting seed sponges ensuring you harvest natural and healthy food. In addition, pests and diseases will never be a problem with this hydroponic system. Your plants will thrive wonderfully in all seasons.

Efficient LED Growing Light

In most urban environments, direct sunlight can be an issue hindering people from indoor planting. ECOO grower gardening kit caters to this problem with full-spectrum LED-growing lights. This lighting system produces similar energy as the sun enough to maximize photosynthesis, rapid growth, and bountiful harvests.

You no longer have to fill up your windows with flower pots trying to get enough sunlight. Note that while this is not a bad idea, the glass windows block the sunlight and your plants won’t get enough to barely survive. Not to mention during cold seasons your plants will die without direct sunlight. The efficient LED light offers you an alternative that benefits your plants in all seasons.

Three Smart Growing Modes

This hydroponics growing system comes with three different modes to provide you with maximum results.

Growth Mode 1: Normal, offers you with automatic LED light for 14 hours.

Growth Mode 2: Enjoy, offers you LED light for 12 hours on and 12 hours off

Growth Mode 3: Grow, offers light intensity for 1 hour and reduces for 8 hours

You only need to set your growth mode and go on with your business. After a few days of continuously running, you need to refill the water tank. As a reminder, ECOO grower hydroponic systems sound a long beep and you’ll need to fill the tank to the recommended levels. You can download a compatible app that allows synchronizing your phone with the interactive touch screen on the garden kit. This allows you to learn and customize different growing settings.M

Compact Size

This stylish indoor garden looks amazing on any counter space. It comes in a lightweight and portable size allowing you to place it in any room of your house. It takes little space and creates no mess or annoying buzzing sounds when the pumps are working. Since it takes less space, it can only handle a few plants at a time. So it’s best for small bush plants like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and flowers.

Performance Comparison

ECOO grower is a wonderful indoor hydroponic growing system. It offers you a chance to grow your food and enjoy fresh vegetables regularly. You might be looking for alternatives but here’s how this garden kit compares to others in its category.

Royalsellpro Hydroponics Growing System

Similar to ECOO grower, Royalsellpro works with no soil technology allowing you to grow your plants without any soil contamination. It’s equipped with 12 planting seed sponges providing healthier and safer growing environments.

This hydroponic system also comes with an automatic control panel that controls the grow lights. Unlike ECOO grower, this product comes with one automatic light setting that turns off after 16 hours of use and back on after 8 hours.

 The lighting system comes with two-color options for vegetables and fruits. The LED lights mimic the natural sunlight for promoting photosynthesis even in the darkest of rooms. Combined with freshwater packed with nutrients, your plants will grow 5 times faster.

In addition, this garden kit comes with an in-built water pump and a fan that helps your work easier. The fan is in charge of the air circulation system distributing it evenly amongst all plants. The water pump enables quick water circulation making sure all roots get enough nutrients.

LYKO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

LYKO indoor herb garden offers you 12 different plant slots similar to ECOO grower. It’s a highly efficient indoor hydroponic garden with LED grow lights to provide enough energy to simulate natural sunlight. It’s also beautiful, functional, and requires minimal labor.

ECOO grower allows adjusting heights but LYKO stretches up to 21 inches, which is slightly more than ECOO, which goes up to 9.5 inches. So if you need to plant tall plants, you can pick this garden kit for maximum results.

It also comes with dual planting modes that allow you to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the same kit. With the smart chip and automatic timer, you can be sure your plants will get enough light and water to grow faster and produce an abundant harvest.

You don’t require any technical skills to set up this kit. It comes with a manual guide that allows you to start using your kit in a few steps. This hydroponic growing system doesn’t come with any seed packets allowing you to choose the crops you prefer. After finding your seeds, place them in the eco-friendly planting sponges, add water, nutrients, and set the lighting. Remember to keep checking after a few days how your plants are fairing.

MORINOME Hydroponics Growing System

MORINOME comes with highly efficient LED grow lights that allow you to adjust depending on your plant’s growth stage. You can reduce or increase intensity in any weather promoting photosynthesis, flowering, and fruit production.

It comes with a smart panel control that allows turning the lights off after 16 hours of continuous use and on after resting for 8 hours. The smart garden also comes with a silent water pump that supplies your plants with adequate water and nutrients throughout. The pump runs automatically for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off during the 16 hours of working mode.

You can also adjust this garden kit up to 11 inches, which is still slightly more than the ECOO grower. It’s also compact in size, lightweight and portable. This indoor hydroponic garden can hold only 10 seed pods making it best for herbs and vegetables without overcrowding them.

Pros and Cons of buying the ECOO hydroponic system


  • It comes with 4 seed planting slots
  • 3 growing modes with smart control panel
  • An efficient water pump and fan
  • A fully adjustable lamp
  • It takes less shelf space
  • A beeping reminder when the water is insufficient


  • You may find it too small and hold fewer plants than other systems
  • The lamp maximum height limits tall plants

Why You Should Buy The ECOO Grower Hydroponic System?

ECOO grower garden kit is packed well with valuable attributes that help you plant healthy crops indoors. It comes with a stylish small design fit for any indoor space. Since this product doesn’t require soil, the roots don’t need to branch out in search of water and nutrients. Thus the compact size is enough for your plants to thrive.

This smart garden also reduces water consumption and wastage. When planting on traditional outdoors or field farming, there’s lots of water wastage due to evaporation, puddles and run offs. Furthermore, your plants have to compete with unwanted weeds making your plants weaker and sickly.

With this system, all water is recycled and none is lost. All your plants get adequate water, oxygen, and nutrients equally. In addition, your plants will grow with no pesticides or herbicides meant for pests, weeds and diseases. Indoor plants rarely suffer from such, meaning you don’t need to spray your vegetables with harmful chemicals.

You can also control the nutrient supply, thus promoting your plants growth rate up to 5 times faster. The plants will also produce higher yields compared to farm based plants.

Our Verdict

ECOO hydroponic growing system offers you the freedom to plant your favorite herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You get to enjoy fresh food all seasons, reducing your grocery budget. The smart garden comes equipped with efficient features to support your plants indoors for maximum results.

It takes less space and it’s easy to use. The planter takes up a small space allowing you to place it on any shelf in your home. With the automatic smart control panel, LED lights and pumps you can adjust the settings to suit your needs. You’ll be more than glad to have this hydroponic system serve you for years without issues,

Happy planting!