What Is A Hydroponic Pump And Why It’s Important

What Is A Hydroponic Pump And Why It's Important

It is impossible to have a complete hydroponic system without having a hydroponic pump. Your hydroponics system requires water to survive, and for that water to reach your crops, you must install a hydroponic water pump. Even if you are operating a small indoor growing space hydroponic pump is still necessary.

If you’re a beginner in hydroponic gardening, you might be confused about what you need to set up your system. You require a nutrient tank when setting up your hydroponic system. You need to know that your nutrient requires an air pump to get well distributed in your plants. To transfer the water-rich nutrients to your plant, you must have a hydroponic water pump. 

Invest in a more excellent hydroponic water pump to grow your plants successfully in a hydroponic system. No matter the type of your hydroponic system, hydroponic pumps more or less serve the same purpose.

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What is a Hydroponic Pump?

A hydroponic is similar to other standard water pumps. The primary purpose of a water pump is to move, push and direct water to plants. A hydroponic pump allows the flow of water in the system. A hydroponic pump moves water from the hydroponic water reservoir to the grow tray, where the plants in the system take in the nutrients. 

With a hydroponic water pump, you can ensure that the nutrient solution reaches the plant roots. It enables the plant’s roots to absorb the required nutrients and water. Through pumping with a hydroponic pump, your water reservoir receives oxygen that your plants need.

Does A Hydroponic System Need A Pump?

Air pumps are essential for some hydroponic systems where the plant’s roots get submerged in water. However, not all hydroponics systems will require an air pump. You need an air pump in your hydroponic because, just like leaves, your plant roots also require oxygen. 

Your plant will require sufficient oxygen to survive and grow. In addition, your plant’s roots need adequate oxygen from water. The air pump will help supply the water with oxygen to prevent your plant from drowning.

Most other hydroponic systems require a water pump to help push water from the tank into the grow tray above. To avoid having a hydroponic air pump, you can set up a hydroponic system that allows oxygen to reach your plants’ roots. Examples of hydroponic systems that will require hydroponic water pumps are:

  • Ebb and Flow

  • Vertical Hydroponic System

  • Nutrient film technique (also referred to as NFT)

  • Aeroponic Systems

Therefore, a hydroponic water pump requires to invest if you want your plant to receive water rich in nutrients. For a system that cannot allow roots to reach the oxygen, you will need to invest in an air pump since you need air and water for your plant to thrive.

What Kind Of Pump Do I Need For Hydroponics?

Your hydroponic system will require a water pump that can circulate water and nutrients throughout your system. It should deliver sufficient water from the water tank to the grow bed at the top. Also, the kind of pump you choose should have the ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your plant’s roots. The type of water pump you choose depends on your set hydroponic system. You can choose between hydropic air pumps and hydroponic water pumps.

There are different types of hydroponic pumps available in the market. It will all depend on your preferences. However, you can choose from these two hydroponic pumps;

  • Submersible Pumps

The submersible pumps are placed right in the hydroponic reservoir. If your system is 1000 to 1200 gallons or less, it is best to use submersible pumps. With proper tubing and fitting, you are assured that the nutrient solution reaches your grow tray. If you are a non-commercial hydroponic grower, the submersible water pump will be the best hydroponic pump.

  • Inline Pumps

The inline pumps should always be placed outside of the hydroponic tank. This is because such pumps are massive and bulky, which may overwhelm small hydroponic systems. Inline pumps are best for a hydroponics system larger than 1000 gallons. If your hydroponic system is commercial, these are the best pumps to invest in.

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What Size Pump Do I Need For My Hydroponics System?

You cannot start thinking about sizing your hydroponic pump if you don’t know how big your hydroponic system is. For example, if you have a 50-gallon water tank and want to be circulating the water thoroughly every two hours, you must divide your tank’s volume in half. If you have a 50-gallon reservoir, you will pump 25 gallons per hour for a two-hour cycle. The number of gallons per hour changes depending on your hydroponic system size and type of the system.

Three crucial steps you can follow to select the best hydroponic pump for your system are:

  • Evaluate your GPH for the amount of water you will be pumping
  • Measure the head height of your hydroponics system
  • Determine the suitable size pump using both of the two values.

Following the above steps will make selecting the best hydroponic pump for your system more manageable.

Final Thoughts

We all know that water and oxygen are essential for plant growth, especially when using the hydroponic system. Hydroponic pumps are crucial parts of your system since they help push water from the hydroponic tank to the grow bed of your plants. You are assured that your plant will receive the necessary nutrition through water pumping. 

The challenging thing you might face is selecting the right pump for your system. If you have begun looking for the type of hydroponic pumps to fit your system, first understand the size of your hydroponic tank. It can be straightforward to select a good enough pump for your system. Hydroponics water pumps may be the most crucial piece of equipment in your system, and thus, you must choose that which suits your system.

 Happy Planting!

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