Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System Review

Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System Review

Thanks to its simple and smart farming technology, the hydroponics growing system is taking the gardening world by storm.  However, it can be hard to choose which growing system will work best for you if you’re a beginner in this kind of farming system. This Vegebox review will help you decide if this product is right for your needs or not.

In this article, we discuss the features of the Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System and why people like it so much. We also give our recommendation on whether or not this system is worth buying based on its price and performance.

What is the Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System?

The Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System is a self-watering container that can grow plants indoors and outdoors. It was designed by Australian gardener James Wong, who wanted to develop a complete vegetable system.

The smart design of the Vegebox allows you to control drainage, so your plants don’t get drowned by excessive water. In addition, its unique design allows you to control the number of nutrients that your plants will receive without worrying about over-fertilization.

The Vegebox only uses seasonal vegetables in its system. They believe that by using seasonal vegetables, they can grow fresh produce freely and conveniently at home. This is possible because the Vegebox uses the natural sunlight to grow its vegetables and all you need to do is water them on a regular basis.

Vegebox Growing System Features

The Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System has many features that make it ideal for gardeners who want to keep their food fresh at home. Some of these features include:

Smart Drainage Mechanism

The smart drainage mechanism of this gardening system allows plants to grow with nutrients that have been mixed into the water. It also ensures that your vegetables will not drown in the container if you keep watering them without checking how much water has already gone through the container. This feature is convenient for those who do not have time to check their garden every single day.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The Vegebox Hydroponics System uses full spectrum LED grow light to help your plants grow well. These lights are designed to fit in the Vegebox’s growing tubes and can be controlled according to the plants’ growth cycle.

This is a 21 light LED grow light that is perfect for indoor growing. It’s designed to make the most out of your plant’s growth cycle and helps them grow healthy by releasing the proper amount of light per each stage of their development. The light ensures your plants are not affected by the change of seasons and enhances photosynthesis.

Air Pump and Air Stone

This gardening system also comes with an air pump and an air stone that allows you to give your plants the right amount of oxygen while the pump circulates the water inside the Vegebox container. Plants generally need 20% oxygen to grow healthy. Thus it is essential for them to have enough oxygen to grow.

Vegebox Growing Boxes

This gardening system comes with two growing boxes, and they are separated from each other so you can grow different kinds of vegetables in each container. The VegeBox hydroponics growing system has a total capacity of 2 kilos, which means it is perfect for growing fresh vegetables at home.

Smart Nutrient Delivery System

Unlike other hydroponics growing systems, the Vegebox Hydroponic uses a smart nutrient delivery system that ensures your vegetables will not receive the excess amount of nutrients. The system seems to work better with its smart drainage mechanism and helps you avoid over-fertilization in your garden.

Drip Watering Hole

The drip watering hole in the Vegebox Hydroponics System is a unique feature that you will not find in other hydroponics gardening systems. The hole allows you to water the plants properly without drowning them in too much water. This prevents any damage to your hydroponic  garden and keeps them healthy despite being exposed to heat or cold.

You can easily use the Vegebox drip watering hole to water your plants by inserting the sprinkler into it. You can also put a cup beneath the drip watering hole so that excess water will not go anywhere when you’re making adjustments in your garden.

All-in-One Garden System

The Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System is an all-in-one garden system, so you don’t need multiple growing kits to plant multiple vegetables. The system comes with an air pump, grow light, and growing boxes. You can already start planting your fresh harvest in just a few days after receiving the item.

Vegebox Growing System Pros

Even though it may take some time to see the results of using the Vegebox Hydroponic growing system, this product has many advantages that outweigh its disadvantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • This gardening system is very affordable despite being unique and powerful.
  •  Its components are reusable, and it is made out of top-quality materials. You can use this gardening system for a long time and enjoy growing your own fresh vegetables with minimal effort. 
  • The product also comes with detailed instructions on how to use the Vegebox Hydroponics System, so you don’t have any problem starting a garden in your home. 
  • The grow system comes with adjustable height lamp hangers so you can allow your plants to grow taller.
  • The product is made of ABS food-grade materials, which means they contain no harmful substances
  •  Vegebox also comes with 1-year assurance on the product’s grow boxes, so you can easily replace them if any problem happens to your garden after using the Vegebox Hydroponics System for more than a year.   
  • The container is also easy to clean, so you can extend the lifespan of your gardening system and maintain its efficiency.

Vegebox Hydroponics System Cons

The Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System has some disadvantages that you need to consider before buying it for your home garden. Some of these issues include:  

  • It may take a long time before you can grow your vegetables since the growing period can last for months. 
  • You need to be patient and wait for the garden container to fill with plant roots before harvesting your fresh harvest.
  • Some buyers complain of timers and lights not working properly.
  • The growing system must be fully assembled before using it. You need to spend a few hours putting all the parts together and setting up your garden with all its components.

Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System Performance Comparison

Even though it may take some time for you to harvest your first set of fresh vegetables, the Vegebox Hydroponics System is really an effective gardening system. Customers worldwide highly recommend this product because they were able to harvest hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in just a few weeks.

When compared to other hydroponics growing systems in the market, Vegebox is superior in terms of performance. This gardening system makes it easier for you to grow your own vegetables at home and enjoy the taste of fresh produce you have not experienced before in commercial markets.

One of its greatest rivals is the AeroGarden Black Bounty, but if you’re looking to grow your best plants for hydroponics at a cheap cost, Vegebox still beats it by a long shot. It’s really easy to use and requires minimal effort to maintain your home garden.

However, it comes with the disadvantage of slow growth. This hydroponics growing system requires some patience before you can use it. This situation is not really a problem for most gardeners. The majority of hydroponics gardening systems on the market today require time and effort in maintaining them and have a successful garden growing at home.

Vegebox Value

You’ll not regret spending your money on the Vegebox Hydroponics System for growing your own fresh vegetables at home. This product is undoubtedly one of the best hydroponic gardening systems on the market today, thanks to its unique design and high-quality materials used in creating it.

Compared to other budget hydroponic gardening systems, the Vegebox is a better alternative since it allows you to grow many types of vegetables at once.  You can also benefit from its adjustable height lamp hangers, portability, and it comes with detailed instructions. You can never go wrong with it. 

As indicated in the review above, the Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System is really worth buying for your home garden. Feel free to buy this product from Amazon and start growing your veggies at home today.

Vegebox Review- Our Verdict

If you are looking for a device that makes it easier for you to have your best plants for a hydroponics garden at home, the Vegebox Hydroponics System is definitely your best choice. You just need to follow the recommended growing procedures using this product to enjoy a bountiful harvest of fresh produce.

The Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System is a high-quality gardening system that helps you enjoy delicious and fresh garden produce without any problem. You’re also assured of the quality of your vegetables because it does not contain harmful substances compared to other hydroponic growing systems in the market today.