Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System 15 Pods Review

Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System 15 Pods Review

The Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System is the best investment for households with limited space but still want to feed on healthy farm produce. This smart growing system will allow you to grow various fruits and vegetables sustainably, positively impacting the environment.

It has a water pump that ensures your plants get enough nutrients and oxygen. You can also adjust its height to accommodate taller plants of up to 24.5 inches. Trecaan also has LED lights that enable your plants to grow indoors without affecting the outside weather.

So, if you’re planning to utilize the small space in your house and have a healthy supply of fruits and veggies, you’re in the right place. We’ll do a comprehensive review on Trecaan indoor smart garden, including its pros and cons.

Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System

Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System Key Features

Before buying any hydroponic garden, it’s best to know the features that set it apart. With such information, you’ll make an informed choice and help you achieve your farming goals.

The features that make Trecaan indoor smart garden the best pick include;

A Bigger Water Tank

Trecaan’s bigger water holding capacity allows your plants to have constant oxygen and nutrients. The 4-liter tank is connected to a water pump, ensuring your veggies and fruits receive enough water. You will not have to refill the tank regularly as it’s about 2 liters. The water volume observation will help you know when to fill the tank.

Adjustable Height

You can adjust the height of the Trecaan hydroponic growing system to your preferred settings. It can adjust up 24’5 inches allowing you to grow taller plants without worries. Your plants will also flourish in such a case as they have enough growth room with a constant water supply.

Stronger Grow Light

You will not have issues looking for sunlight for your plants to photosynthesize and grow healthy. This is because the Trecaan hydroponic growing system has inbuilt LED lights that provide enough light needed by your plants. It has a 36-watt LED light panel with red, blue, and white lights that make it perform like sunlight.

The grow light has two cycles that allow your plants to receive similar amounts of light as regular sunlight. The16 hours light cycle stimulates photosynthesis during the day enabling your plants to grow immensely. While the 8 hours off light helps stimulate respiration helping your plants get the crucial gases necessary for their growth.

Portable And Multipurpose

You can place Trecaan anywhere in the house as it’s portable and compact. It can fit in the small space in your office, kitchen, bedroom, or living room which are some areas where you require more oxygen supply from the plants.

This hydroponic system also allows you to grow more than one type of vegetable or fruit. So, you’ll have enough supply of various fruits, saving you from going to the market daily. You will also not spend any money buying such fruits if you’ve got them at home.

Easy To Control and Use

You will love having a Trecaan hydroponic growing system at home as it’s simple to operate and control. It has 2 smart modes which help you regulate the light. Depending on the plants you’ve got, you can set the system into ‘veg mode’ or ‘flower mode.’

The smart control also enables you to switch the water pump to standby mode. After pressing the ‘PUMP’ button, the water pump will automatically switch off for 12 hours. So, you can go about your duties without stress as you’re sure there will be no water spills or wastage.

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Automated Water Pump

The Trecaan water pump will supply your plants with enough water containing nutrients and oxygen, which is good for their root’s development. It has two water pump circulation modes that automatically pause every 30 minutes.

It pauses after supplying your plants with water for 30 minutes. But you can switch the pump off for about 12 hours and go to attend to other duties after pressing the ‘PUMP’ button. When you switch off the pump, you can also enjoy some uninterrupted sleep free of noise.

Contains 15 Pods

The Trecaan hydroponic growing system has 15 pods you can use to grow vegetables and herbs without soil. Tablet fertilizers are crucial for the plant’s growth. Additionally, it has sponges made of biological peat. The biological peat ensures your plants receive enough carbon for growth. It also contains air and water, which are good for your plant’s roots.

It Comes As a Complete Set

You will not have to spend additional money buying other components with this kit, as it comes as a full package. It contains an LED light panel. Basket container, water tank, water indicator, and plug adapter. In addition to that, you’ll get 15 sponges, 15 basket kits, A solid nutrient, B solid nutrient, six plastic rods, and six tags.

These components will allow you to set up a hydroponic system at home in the idle space available. You’ll have constant veggies and herbs, improving your health. You will also reduce your frequency to the market and save a lot of money since you’ll have a fresh, healthy kitchen supply.

trecaan indoor smart garden

Performance Comparison

The Trecaan hydroponic growing system is one of the best indoor gardening systems you need to invest in. It’s a better pick than other systems as it has smart, automated features which allow you to take a break and rest. It comes as a complete package kit which prevents you from spending additional cash buying missing elements.

It allows you to adjust the height to give your plants enough room to flourish. You can adjust it up to 24.5 inches which is adequate for the taller plants. The adjustable pole is also lightweight and enables plants at different growth stages to reach for lights depending on their height.

Trecaan indoor smart garden has two light cycles which makes your plants grow without challenges. The 16-hour lights during the day stimulate photosynthesis giving your plants enough food to survive. On the other hand, when the lights are off for 8 hours at night, your plants will respire and benefit from the important gasses. This makes it a good growing kit for a household with no direct sunlight as the 36 watts LED lights will maintain full supply just as sunlight would.  

Since Trecaan is a multipurpose smart garden, you’ll not have to dig deeper into your pockets. Instead, you’ll have a garden to plant fruits, veggies, and herbs regardless of surrounding weather conditions.

The big water tank and the pump work harmoniously to supply your plant’s roots with adequate nutrients and oxygen vital for their growth. You’ll not have to regularly refill the tank as the pump alternates its working hours, giving you space to rest.

Unlike other systems, the Trecaan hydroponic growing system will not give you a hard time assembling the parts and using them. The complete kit also has more pods, sponges, and basket kits which is a plus compared with the rest.



  • It’s Easy to Set Up and Use

You will not have challenges assembling the Trecaan hydroponic growing system as it’s easy to install. It’s also easy to use, attributed to the smart control buttons.

  • It’s A Multipurpose Kit

You can use this Trecaan indoor smart garden to grow any vegetable, fruits, or herbs. Its adjustable height also doesn’t limit your plants, as they can grow up to 24.5 inches.

  • It’s Portable

It is portable, allowing you to use it in any room within the house.

  • It Can Withstand Any Weather Condition

This makes it a good choice for all-year growing and sustainable living. It has a high light intensity of 36 watts supplying your plants with the needed amounts.

  • It’s Affordable

Despite the cheap Trecaan hydroponic growing system, it outperforms its price, giving you value for your money.

Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System


  • The packaging doesn’t include seeds
  • It’s prone to breakage

Value Of Trecaan Indoor Smart Garden

You will love using this Trecaan hydroponic growing system as it’s easy to use and maintain. It will enable you to grow more plants indoors without occupying a bigger space. Plus, you’ll be free from harmful chemicals as it does have organic nutrients and components. This also encourages sustainable and healthy living, which reduces your hospital expenses as your chances of getting complications from such plants are minimal.

Having this kit indoors is beneficial to your family as you’ll get a clean supply of oxygen as the plants respire. Not forgetting you’ll grow various plants like fruits, herbs, or veggies without soil leaving your house neat. Having enough supply of fruits and veggies at home will also reduce your overall expenditure, saving some cash in the process. The system is no doubt the best investment you can make for your entire family.

Bottom Line

As the world tries to implement more sustainable living policies, try and practice that at home. Invest in the best hydroponics system and grow your favorite plants in the smallest space available. Achieve all these with the Trecaan hydroponic growing system, which has outstanding features just as elaborated in this guide. 

Trecaan Hydroponic Growing System