Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System Review

The Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System is designed for those who want to produce food in small spaces. If you have a balcony, backyard, or even window sills, this may be the right system for you.

This hydroponics system lets you grow your favorite crops indoors, even if you don’t have a garden or backyard. Also, the hydroponic garden is very easy to use and maintain so that everyone will find this suitable for their needs. The hydroponics system allows you to use other growing mediums apart from the usual soil, nutrients, and water. Instead, you’ll use perlite, vermiculite, and coconut coir.

There are several advantages to using the Moistenland system. For example, it’s ideal for urban areas where there is no possibility of making a garden or growing food outdoors. What makes Moistenland Hydroponics unique is that it uses 60% less water than other hydroponic systems do. This makes it very appealing for people who live in dry areas and don’t want their plants to die because of a lack of water.

So many amazing features and advantages come with using the Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System. This review will explain everything that you need to know about it.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System Features

Up to 12 Planting Pods

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System comes with up to 12 growing pods. This is enough to grow many different types of vegetables and fruits by simply rearranging the pod positions. With these 12 growing pods, the system allows you to have an unlimited food supply for up to 12 months. 

The pods are made of biodegradable coir, so you can plant anything you want without worrying about any chemicals or pesticides. You’ll have a good supply of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Growing Pod Baskets

To provide stable support for your plants, each hydroponics system comes with 12 plant baskets. You can use any medium in them as you wish. However, the recommended medium is perlite. This is because it’s a mixture of sphagnum peat moss and expanded clay. When you use perlite, it will allow water to drain through the bottom.

The plant baskets have a round shape that enables easy installation and replacement of your favorite plants. Also, it gives your plants enough space to expand as they grow.

Efficient 22 Watt LED Grow Light

The system comes with a highly efficient LED grow light. This will allow you to have a steady supply of light even if the weather is cloudy outside. Also, its high-power LED lights work for plants that have a longer growing cycle.

Your plants will grow better without the need for natural sunlight thanks to this LED grow light. The LED light provides blue, red, and white light, which your plant needs to grow healthy and get enough nutrients.

The system also allows you to turn lights on and off automatically. This adds more convenience to the growing system, so you won’t have to turn the lights on every time you water your plants.

Air and Water Circulation

Powerful air and water circulation are vital for your plants to grow. If both of these requirements aren’t met, it will increase the possibility of fungal and bacterial infections.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System has a powerful air ventilation system that provides 128 cubic meters per hour. The ventilation system includes a high-powered fan, ducting system, and air filter. All of these features work together to provide proper ventilation for your plants.

The system also has a strong water circulation system. It includes two high-quality pumps that transfer nutrient-rich water through the plant’s roots.

100% Natural Planting Medium

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System offers a 100% natural planting medium. Instead of using soil, nutrients and water to grow your plants, the system only uses coconut coir fibers.

Coconut coir is a highly sustainable material that’s made from husks of coconuts. This makes it a great alternative to soil because it’s 100% organic. You can’t use soil to grow your plants indoors because there are chemicals and pesticides used in the soil that may affect your plants.

The coir fibers are very easy to use. They provide excellent drainage for water and nutrients, which makes them perfect to be used even by beginners who want to start growing their own

Low Water Consumption

According to the Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System makers, this hydroponics system uses 60% less water than other similar systems. The advantage of using this system is that you can grow healthy plants even if you have limited space for gardening or farming.

You don’t have to keep watering your plants every day to prevent them from dying. This is because the system comes with a wick that will pull water and nutrients up to your plants.

Up to Two Grow Modes and Adjustable Height

The system comes with both veggie and fruit modes. The veggie mode is for growing vegetables and herbs. This mode enhances the blue light to enable your veggies to become leafy. The fruit mode is for growing different types of fruits, including strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and many others. The mode enhances red light, which allows flowering and fruiting.

You’ll also be able to adjust the system’s height simply by pulling it up or down. When you pull it down, it will provide enough clearance so that your plants can grow freely. When the plants grow high, you can adjust the system’s height up to a maximum of 11.2 inches.

Complete Package for All of Your Growing Needs

When you order this system, you will be getting a complete package that includes a growing basket, rechargeable battery, LED grow light with adjustable height and two modes, 12 coir pots from your favorite plants from Moistenland Hydroponics, and instruction manuals. You don’t have to buy anything separately.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System Performance Comparison

The Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System is one of the best home hydroponics systems you can ever lay your hands on. But you can’t dispute the fact that there are other systems in the market to consider. So, how does the Moistenland Hydroponics compare in terms of performance?

Well, this system is capable of growing over 30 plants simultaneously. This means that you can grow 30 cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, etc., at the same time in one kit.

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of hydroponics with the Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System because it allows you to water your plants just once in five days. This means that you’ll be able to save up on the amount of time and effort invested in watering your plants every day.

Compared to other hydroponic systems of the same statute, this system is easy to set up and beginner-friendly. You can set it up within 10 minutes without the need for tools and other equipment. The LED grow light also has two modes, allowing you to enjoy your plants’ enhanced growth.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System Pros and Cons

Like any other hydroponics growing system in the market, Moistenland comes with advantages and disadvantages that you must consider before buying it. Take a look at the pros and cons below.


  • Environmentally Friendly: This system is an excellent choice for those who care about the environment. It uses 60% less water than other hydroponics systems to grow healthy veggies and herbs. It doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides that can pollute the environment.
  • Healthier Plants: There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy healthier plants when you use this system. Your veggies and fruits will not only be healthier but also more flavorful compared to those that are grown using the traditional method.
  • Quick Setup: You don’t have to be a professional to set up this system. It is very easy to do it within 10 minutes without the need for tools and other equipment.
  • Versatile Growing System: You can use this system indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. Whether you want your veggies to grow on your patio or in your living room, you’ll be able to enjoy versatile growing options.
  • Beginner Hydroponics System: The LED grow light has two modes that allow you to enjoy the enhanced growth of your plants. It can also be used by beginner gardeners who want to start their journey in hydroponics growing without much hassle.
  • 24 Hour Light Circulation: This system ensures proper circulation of 24hour light that mimics the day and night cycle for healthy plant growth.


  • Expensive: This system may cost more than other hydroponics systems in the market. But it comes with several advantages that make it worth the money.
  • Cumbersome to Empty and Clean: You may find it difficult to empty and clean this system. You’ll probably need the help of your partner for this task.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System Value

Even though Moistenland is considered costly compared to other hydroponics systems in the market, it’s worth your money.

This system ensures proper circulation of 24 hour light that mimics the day and night cycle for healthy plant growth. It uses 60% less water than other hydroponics systems to grow veggies and herbs. This means that you’ll be able to invest your money in healthier and tastier produce.

The system also has two modes that allow you to enjoy the enhanced growth of your plants. It can also be used by beginners who want to start their journey in hydroponics growing without much hassle. It doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides, making it a great choice for those who care about the environment and want a healthier way to grow veggies and fruit.

Our Verdict

This beginner hydroponics system is worth considering if you want to grow your veggies indoors or outdoors. It comes with unique features that allow you to enjoy versatile growing options in your hydroponic garden. It saves energy and time, and makes a healthier choice for yourself and the environment.

So, if you want to have an unlimited supply of fresh farm produce without using much effort, you can invest in the Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System.