LYKO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit​ Review

LYKO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit​ Review

Indoor gardening is gaining popularity, with most people opting for hydroponics gardening systems like Lyko indoor herb garden. Since you’re going to farm without soil, this system is the best relief you’ve got from too much work like weeding and tilling. The Lyko 12 pods indoor herb garden kit has LED hydroponic grow lights that enable your plants to get enough sunlight throughout the growing period. It also has a noiseless watering system which works effectively to help save energy.

If you’re looking for an indoor herb garden kit, you are in the right place. We’re going to do a comprehensive review of this kit from Lyko. This article will show you its features, pros, cons, value, and much more. Read on!

Lyko Indoor Herb Garden Key Features

Lyko Indoor Herb garden comes with some of the best features that make this product deliver the services you desire. Below are the features that make this kit stand out from the rest:

Automated Watering System

Plants require adequate water to grow healthy and produce a bumper harvest. This is possible when you buy the Lyko herb gardening kit with a noiseless automated watering system. It operates at a low noise level of between 20 and 35 db. This reduces distractions when you’re busy asleep.

It turns off itself every 30 minutes after one hour of operation. This helps reduce energy consumption and makes you pay less electric bills.

High-Performance Pro-Grow Lighting

Another feature that sets this indoor garden kit apart from the rest is its high-performance pro-grow lighting. It has LED hydroponic grow lights of 80, 36-watt LED bulbs which work for 8 hours and rest for 16 hours before turning on again, just as sunlight does to plants in the 24-hour cycle.

The acrylic material on this kit ensures the plants get up to 98% light, enabling them to grow wide and five times quicker than those grown on soil.

Bigger Water Tank

The 3.5-liter water tank will give you an easy time irrigating your plants. The tank can hold water for about 15 days without you refilling it. This allows you to go out for days without worrying about your plants or herbs lacking water. And since this gardening system is 95% less water consumption, your water bills won’t be high.

Adjustable Post

The durable anodized adjustable post makes it possible to grow your indoor herbs in a spacious area with adequate height. You can grow plants from 7 inches to 19.4 inches, which doesn’t limit your plants’ choice.

Infinite Growing Possibilities

You will have the chance to grow various hydroponic microgreens in this indoor gardening kit. You can grow decorative plants or spices and vegetables. For example, you can plant tomatoes, lettuce, pepper, spinach, parsley, and chervil. This will reduce the amount you spend buying such kitchen essentials and have a healthy supply.

Comes with a Complete Growing Starter Kit

If you’re into sustainable farming, this is the ideal kit. It comes as a complete set that helps you grow healthy and flourishing plants. It contains 12 growing baskets, 12 grow domes, and 24 grow sponges. All these ensure your plants get enough nutrients and water to grow. Additionally, the Lyko indoor gardening kit has rods, tags, and nutrients, which help maintain the herbs strong throughout the growing season.

You can have constant vegetables, herbs, or fruit supply through this technique because of the different modes. You can switch the modes through a button and have your plants flourish.

Performance Comparison

Lyko 12 pods indoor herb garden is one of the best hydroponics gardening systems you should aspire to have. Its features stand out among the other hydroponic systems available in the market. For example, it produces no noise while watering your plants, creating an enabling indoor environment.

The acrylic material on top of this kit ensures your plants get up to 98% of light, allowing all the plants to get adequate light that helps them grow wider and five times faster. The water pump also switches off after every hour of thirty minutes of work.

The adjustable pole gives you room to plant various plants of the varying height of between 7 and 19.4 inches. So, you don’t have a limited choice of plants to grow with this type of indoor gardening system. It also comes as a complete gardening kit containing a charger, water intake cover, and A&B plant food, among others.

The smart control panels make this kit easy to use, and it consumes less water reducing your expenses.

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Pros of Lyko Indoor Herb Garden

  • Highly Durable

This indoor gardening kit comprises high-quality materials, which makes it last longer. For example, the adjustable aluminum rod can withstand any climatic condition to ensure your plants thrive. The Lyko indoor kit can also withstand any weather condition like rain storms which helps your plants stay strong regardless of the climatic condition.

  • Flexible And Multipurpose

You can use this indoor gardening kit from Lyko anywhere in the house. It can be in your bedroom, living room, or study room. You can use it for different purposes depending on your preference. It also allows you to plant more than one type of plant at ago saving space and time for tending on both of them.

  • Easy Gardening

You will not struggle farming when you’ve got a Lyko indoor herb gardening kit, as there’s no need to look for soil for your plants. You also don’t have to transfer it during adverse weather conditions as it can withstand any climate. Furthermore, it allows you to transplant plants with ease.

  • Sustainable Farming

This is a good choice for anyone looking forward to venturing into sustainable farming as it doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. It also doesn’t produce contaminants and is non-GMO, meaning the products are also healthy. When you plant plants with no poisonous chemicals, your family will be safer and healthier as they benefit from the produce.

  • Easy To Set Up and Maintain

You will not experience challenges when setting up this kit, as it’s easy to do the setup. It’s lightweight, meaning you won’t struggle to lift it during setup. The equipment is also not big enough to take up a bigger indoor space, and you can follow the user manual to set it up whenever you face any challenges.

Since this is a soil-less kit, there are no chances of messing up the area as you check on the plants. All you’ve got to do is put in the seeds, add water, and allow your plants to grow.

  • All Year Growing

You will have the advantage of planting your favorite spices, vegetables, or flowers all year long without fear of extreme weather conditions damaging them. This is because this kit has hydroponic grow light which ensures your plants have adequate nutrients, water, and light supply. So, if you’re into sustainable living, you’ll not worry about your food running out of stock as you’ve got the best kit that meets your needs.

  • Water And Energy Efficient

Lyko 12 pods indoor kit prevents you from digging deeper into your pockets to have this kit functional in your home as it uses less water and energy. It has an automated system that helps regulate the amount of light and moisture.

Cons of Lyko Indoor Garden Kit

  • The instructions on the user manual are not clear, especially for a first-timer
  • The timer seems to be off

The Value of Having Lyko 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

You’ll for sure get the value for your money after buying this indoor gardening kit. This affordable kit allows you to plant different plants at a go. It is also easy to use, maintain and take up small space in the house.

What’s more, the smart control system enables you to change the growing modes through the touch of a button. You will also have a constant supply of healthy and non-toxic vegetables or fruits with this kit. So, you’ll maintain healthy eating habits with your family members.

The optimized nutrients help boost the plants’ oxygen level, making them healthier and capable of withstanding storms, haze, or blizzards. Additionally, you will not spend additional money as this kit comes as a complete kit that ensures you get a bounty harvest.

The Lyko 12 pods indoor herb garden also promotes sustainable farming and living as it’s made of organic materials that facilitate the production of organic foods. It’s also lightweight, increasing its portability allowing you to place it anywhere in the house with ease.

Our Verdict

Lyko indoor herb garden is one of the best hydroponics gardening systems you should consider for sustainable farming. The affordable kit comes as a complete set and is easy to use and maintain. The high-performance pro-grow light ensures your vegetables or fruits get adequate light throughout the growing period.

What’s fascinating about this garden kit is its noiseless watering system which doesn’t affect you as you do other things indoors. Plus, the water tank is huge and enables you to stay for 15 days without refilling. With lyko indoor herb garden, you’ll be sure to harvest healthy, fresh and nutritious vegetables or herbs that promote healthy living through all these.