Growing Hydroponic Lavender? Read This First

Growing Hydroponic Lavender? Read This First

Many growers have adopted the hydroponic system in growing their food. The common foods grown hydroponically are fruits and vegetables. As a farmer, you might be familiar with growing hydroponic kales and strawberries. Meanwhile, another great plant to grow is hydroponic lavender.

If you are passionate about growing lavender but have less space, you can grow it hydroponically. Hydroponic lavender has a faster growth rate of almost 30% than the lavender you grow in the soil. I know you must be having doubts since not many people have been growing lavender hydroponically. 

However, this does not mean that it does not do well hydroponically. On the contrary, growing these beautiful flowers hydroponically will give you great returns. You can make the lavender part of your beautiful home by growing it hydroponically.

hydroponic lavender

Can Lavender Be Grown in Hydroponics?

Lavender can be grown hydroponically. It will do both well indoors and outdoors hydroponically. As long as you provide your hydroponic lavender with the right conditions, it will do well in hydroponic systems. 

Hydroponic lavender does even better than the lavender that grows in soil. The good thing about growing lavender hydroponically is free from pests and chemicals. This is because no soil is required to grow it. 

Therefore, if you want to decorate your home with lavender flowers, you can do so by growing them hydroponically. You can now utilize your small space at home by growing your favorite lavender.

Can you Grow Lavender Indoors in Water?

For hydroponic lavender, you must provide it with the right conditions. Therefore, you can have your hydroponic lavender grow indoors. As long you enrich the water with nutrients, you can grow your lavender indoors in water.

What is a Suitable Hydroponic System for Growing Lavender?

Before deciding the type of hydroponic system to grow your lavender, you must first identify why you want to grow it. Different growers grow hydroponic lavender for various purposes. You might be growing it in hydroponics to profit, experiment, or grow it as an ornament. Here are some hydroponic systems for your hydroponic lavender:

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

This system is suitable for hydroponic lavender since it has multiple purposes. For example, you might want to make a profit by growing lavender or even decorating your backyard with these beautiful flowers. The Nutrient Film Technique is suitable for growing many plants and, therefore, it will be ideal for growing lavender for commercial purposes. 

The good thing about the NFT is that you can implement vertical farming on your hydroponic lavenders. BY growing your lavenders vertically, you will maximize your profits. If you decide to use the NFT, ensure you space your lavenders by 2 to 3 feet to ensure they do not compete for light when they increase in size.

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The most famous type of hydroponic system is deep-water culture. This is the best method for growing lavender hydroponic for fun. The DWC bucket is the most suitable, especially for beginners. This system guarantees excellent results since it provides roots with enough space.

What are the Conditions for Growing Lavender Hydroponically?

growing lavender hydroponically


The optimum temperature for growing your lavender hydroponically ranges between 68F and 86F. This temperature is moderate, and you, therefore, do not require to invest in a heater since the room temperature does the trick. However, during the winter, when the temperature is below 59F, you should consider having a heater for your lavenders.

Nutrient Solution

For your hydroponic lavender to do well, it should have a stable pH of 5.5 to 7. If you use the Nutrient Film Technique or Deepwater Culture, it will be easy to maintain your nutrient solution. Ensure you monitor the pH every day and if it has changed, make sure you get it back to normal. Adding nutrients to your hydroponic lavender is also easy. You need to follow the instruction in each nutrient solution bottle, and you are good to go.


Your hydroponic lavender should get light for 8 hours each day. After that, you can decide to rely on the sun or use the LED to grow lights. Growing lights can help you maintain a high growth rate for your lavender on days when it is cloudy. Using the LED lights can help you get more lavender yields tan sun.

Good Drainage and Aeration. The aeration and drainage play a significant role in strengthening your hydroponic lavender. Good aeration and drainage ensure your hydroponic lavender is free from excessive water and air. The stronger the roots, the better your hydroponic lavender will grow.

Good Drainage and Aeration

The aeration and drainage play a significant role in strengthening your hydroponic lavender. Good aeration and drainage ensure your hydroponic lavender is free from excessive water and air. The stronger the roots, the better your hydroponic lavender will grow.


You can keep the quality of your hydroponic lavender plant by pruning it. You will discover whether the plant has any problems or diseases through pruning. As a result, any concerns that may arise in the future will be eradicated by cutting the plants. It will also enable the plant to absorb more nutrients from the water, sunlight, and air.

Types of Lavender Species You Can Grow Hydroponically

Portuguese Lavender or Spike Lavender

This is the most commonly used lavender to grow hydroponically, especially by people in warmer areas.

L. Angustifolia or True English Lavender

This type of lavender can grow and flourish in cooler temperatures.

Munstead Lavender

It is one of the famous lavenders and is very good for growing hydroponically.

lavender in hydroponics

Final Thoughts

Like other vegetables and fruits, lavender can also do well when grown hydroponically. You can grow the hydroponic lavender for profit, fun, or decorating your backyard. Whatever the reason, ensure you grow it in the right hydroponic system. 

Some of the best hydroponic systems to use are NFT and DWC. You can grow your hydroponic lavender outdoor or outdoors. Always keep check of requirements like water, nutrition solution, temperature, pH, and light. Growing your lavender hydroponically can do better than soil grows lavender.