Elevate Your Home Garden Setup with A Hydroponic Greenhouse

Elevate Your Home Garden Setup with A Hydroponic Greenhouse

Living a sustainable and healthy life is more fulfilling by feeding your family fresh veggies and fruits from a hydroponic greenhouse. As the world advances, you should take that opportunity to elevate your home garden setup using smart farming techniques, especially in urban areas.

A backyard hydroponics greenhouse will enable you to have enough supply of these plants without toiling much. Such a system grows more plants in a smaller area, encourages fast growth, occupies less space, and is water efficient.

But can you do hydroponics in a greenhouse? If this question has bothered you, this is the right article for you as we’ll delve deeper into it.

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Can You Do Hydroponics in A Greenhouse?

Yes. You will not regret building a hydroponics greenhouse in that idle space within your home. Such an investment will allow you to feed your family healthy and nutritious food that is good for their well-being. It requires minimal heating and supplement lights to give the best results and allows you to grow various fruits and vegetables.

You can make or buy your hydroponic greenhouse kits and then plant your favorite vegetables all year long. However, you need to do some things right when establishing a hydroponics system in a greenhouse for it to be a success.

They include;

  • Place the hydroponics greenhouse in an area that receives adequate direct sunlight throughout. But if this is not impossible, consider looking for another location for this project. Artificial light should only work as a supplement lighting source.
  • Install the hydroponics greenhouse next to your house to enable you to fix power and water. You can have it on the rooftop of your house to make it receive more light. But a backyard hydroponics greenhouse will do if you’ve sufficient space in this area.
  • Ventilate the greenhouse by fixing vents and exhaust fans. Also, include a thermostat in the system to give you an easy time controlling it.
  • Make good use of shade cloth, misters, or fans during the summer to facilitate cooling in the system. This will prevent extreme temperatures from destroying your plants.

Advantages Of Hydroponic Greenhouse

It’s more advantageous growing your plants in a hydroponics greenhouse.

The advantages include;

  • Low maintenance costs as the hydroponics greenhouse are automated. You will not have to hire labor to irrigate your plants, saving on costs.
  • High yields as a result of increased photosynthesis. The plants receive more direct sunlight in this setup which encourages better growth and bumper harvest.
  • Plants grow faster without experiencing major problems, as in the traditional garden. You’ll not experience things like soil depletion or disease attacks.
  • Water-efficient as no water goes to waste. This reduces your water bills throughout the seasons.
  • It requires less space to set up than traditional farming. This enables you to fix your hydroponic greenhouse kits in the smallest space available, provided there’s enough sunlight.

Can You Do Hydroponics Without a Greenhouse?

It’s possible to do hydroponics without a greenhouse. Hydroponics greenhouse is popular with commercial planters who want to achieve more without pesticides or herbicides. 

A hydroponics system without a greenhouse tends to be cheaper, allowing an average farmer to grow various plants in the comfort of their patio. You can even improvise a DIY hydroponics system using a bucket or storage container. An improvised hydroponics system will also reduce your electricity as there’s no use of a water pump or grow lights outdoors.

In a hydroponics greenhouse, direct sunlight penetrates the system allowing the plants to grow without major challenge. But when you go for this option, you’ve got to provide adequate lighting to facilitate photosynthesis.  By placing your hydroponics at a well-sheltered spot with southern exposure, you can achieve this. Your plants will grow at a fantastic speed and give you a healthy harvest through this.

The best thing about hydroponics without a greenhouse is that you can place it indoors or outdoors, depending on the available space. This doesn’t limit your farming hobby, as hydroponics are portable.

However, when using hydroponics without a greenhouse, you’ve got to regulate temperature, light, and humidity. But since all these can be automated in the system, you need to regularly change the water, check the Ph level, and adjust it if required.  

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Can You Grow Plants All Year Round with Hydroponics?

One of the benefits of planting in a hydroponics system is having an all-year-round fruits, vegetables, and herbs supply. This is possible because you’ve complete control of the system. So, the climatic conditions won’t dictate when you’re to plant or harvest, but instead, it’s your hard work and determination.

What’s more about this system is that it’s automated, automatically adjusting to favorable conditions. For example, the hygrometer will automatically adjust the humidifier to create an enabling humidity level if the humidity level is high.

Your plants will also be safe from pests and diseases, which is a major challenge in traditional gardens and affects harvest. But if you opt for a hydroponics greenhouse, you’ll have fresh, healthy veggies or fruits free of herbicides or pesticides.

Another thing that makes it possible to grow all year long is a hydroponics system’s low water and electricity requirement. Hydroponic gardens require less water than traditional gardening. When you pay less utility bills to grow healthy plants, you’ll farm all through the year without stress. The fact that the plants grow faster in this system is also a plus for opting for a backyard hydroponics greenhouse.

Our Verdict

Hydroponics gardening is the best way out for anyone who wants to feed their family healthy, fresh veggies and fruits. This system also allows you to grow your favorite herb all year long as you’re in charge of the lighting, temperature, and humidity. 

What’s more advantageous is that you can do hydroponics without a greenhouse for domestic use and harvest more. But if you want to commercialize your farming while using less effort and resources, go for a hydroponic greenhouse with an automated system.

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