Your Guide to Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

Your Guide to Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

Growing hydroponic tomatoes is an economical way to have a fresh and healthy supply of these fruits. Tomatoes are part of our daily meals, and we spend lots of money buying them. You can cut the costs by planting yours in the small space in your backyard and benefit from these fruits.

You will benefit from vitamins, lycopene, and minerals that are good for the heart and skin and prevent cancer. Having easy access to them means you’ll have an unlimited supply of these nutritious vegetables. But how do you grow tomatoes in a hydroponic garden? Here’s your guide.

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What Is the Best Hydroponic System for Tomatoes?

If you want to start a hydroponic tomato garden, you’ve got to select the best system which will enable them to grow without challenges. Here are some of the best hydroponic systems that will work well for tomatoes.

Dutch Hydroponic System

The most common system for growing tomatoes hydroponically is the Dutch bucket system. It’s easy to make and use. You should place the hydroponic tomatoes in the bucket in a row. You can use a 5-gallon bucket or Bato buckets, which are specialized square containers.

Each container should have a water line running from the pump and drip hoses to water the hydroponic tomatoes. Then the nutrient solution is pumped to each plant through the roots.

This system best suits tomatoes as it will give them enough space to grow, and it’s also cheaper to establish. It also takes less space but allows you to have many large plants like tomatoes.

EBB Hydroponic System

Another best hydroponics system you can use to grow your tomatoes is the Ebb. Ebb is a controlled flooding and growing tray where your tomatoes will receive nutrients when the tray is flooded. It’s easier to use and set up than the other hydroponic systems.

You can make one using spare parts at home, so it’s cost-effective. In addition to that, it takes less space and is easy to manage. To make an Ebb hydroponic system, you’ll require a growing tray, a reservoir with a lid, a growing medium, rubber tubing, and perforated pots.

Since there are several hydroponic systems to grow your tomatoes, go for the one that meets your preference.

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Choosing the Right Hydroponics System for Tomatoes

However, the best system for growing hydroponic tomatoes should be;

The Right Size

The best hydroponic tomato system should have the right size, enabling you to grow enough tomatoes that can last for days. The system’s size will depend on the available space you want to place the tomatoes.

The size should also correspond with how many tomatoes you want to grow and the type of tomato. Growing tomatoes hydroponically requires enough space for the plants to flourish. So, identify the best size to fit your home without bringing significant changes.


A durable hydroponic tomato system will last longer, giving you value for your money. Look for a durable one that can withstand different weather conditions. Pick on a hydroponic tomato garden made of solid materials that don’t corrode or aren’t flimsy. Also, check on the pump and go for one with adequate insulation.

Easy To Maintain and Use

You don’t want to suffer at home after buying your hydroponic system while setting it up, and it decides to give you a hard time to set it up. Go for one that will provide you with an easy time growing your hydroponic tomatoes and get the best experience.  

An easy-to-maintain system will also give you ample time to take care of tomatoes. Remember to check the water level, manage the pump and monitor the nutrient solution. Doing all of these can be challenging if you don’t settle for the best system for growing tomatoes hydroponically.

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What Are the Best Tomatoes for Hydroponics?

You can grow any type of tomato in your hydroponic tomato garden. However, the following are some of the best varieties to plant;


One of the best hydroponic tomatoes to grow is the Daniela. It ripens evenly but tends to be smaller in size.


You can also plant trust tomatoes in your system. These tomatoes produce larger fruits than Daniela. It’s also meaty, with an average tomato weighing nine ounces.


This is an open-pollinated hydroponic tomato that is resistant to diseases. The tomatoes are large and globe-shaped, which is a good choice for anyone who likes bigger fruits.

San Marzano

San Marzano is plum-like tomatoes. It is ideal for anyone who likes such fruits. It weighs around 5 ounces.


However, if you want tomatoes that will give you high yields, grow flavorita. The cherry tomato is resistant to diseases. But it requires a lot of work which makes it a good choice for a dedicated farmer.


Thessaloniki tomatoes are the best choice if you want a variety that you can cook with or eat raw. It’s large with a beefsteak-like shape.

Are Hydroponic Tomatoes Good?

Yes. The hydroponic tomatoes are as good as those grown in a traditional garden. They have sugars, gasses, smells, and acids. These tomatoes are healthy and fresh.

The good thing about hydroponic tomatoes is that you’ll have plenty of supply throughout the year because they’re not affected by the weather. Also, you’ll not incur losses when the weather decides to misbehave. This gives you less worries and an assurance that your venture will thrive.

What makes hydroponic tomatoes suitable is that you’re in control of the system. You will control the temperature, light, water, and nutrients reaching the plant as your main aim is to get the best quality that meets your demands.

Also, too much water dilutes the flavor of tomatoes, but a hydroponic system uses less water through the automated pipes.

Bottom Line

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals which help our bodies fight cancer and heart diseases. The fruit also produces lycopene and beta carotene, which are good antioxidants.

However, to benefit from these fruits, it’s best to plant them at home to reduce your expenses. So, look for an idle space in your home and grow hydroponic tomatoes to benefit from them, as this guide has elaborated.

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