Your Guide To Growing Hydroponic Basil At Home

Your Guide To Growing Hydroponic Basil At Home

If you have been considering growing basil hydroponically, you are making the right decision. Like other plants like lettuce and cabbages, hydroponic basil grows fast and can be harvested continuously.

Growing hydroponic basil would be the best thing since you will be growing it in a soil-free system where you will use water instead of dirt. You can also expect high yields and fewer pests and diseases attacking your plants. In addition, you can enjoy fresh herbs from your backyard and avoid ones grown with chemicals.

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Can Basil Be Grown Hydroponically?

Basil can be grown hydroponically. The herb takes about three to six weeks to reach maturity. After that, you can enjoy delicious food in your kitchen.

For beginners, you need a simple setup such as a small mason jar or bucket to get you started. Then you’ll need to add nutrients, check temperatures and pH levels, and you’re good to go. After that, you can run to the grocery store, buy seeds, and grow mediums. Hydroponic basil mason jar takes less space and allows you to harvest continuously.

Is Hydroponic Basil Healthy?

Among the healthiest plants you can consume are herbs. Growing basil hydroponically offers you multiple health benefits. The good thing is when growing your basil hydroponically, you will not need to use pesticides.

This means your hydroponic basil will be chemical-free; thus, your health will not be at risk. In addition, hydroponic basil will offer safety to you and the environment since there are no cases of air pollution using chemicals.

Therefore, hydroponic basil guarantees you 100 percent health benefits. In addition, hydroponic basil offers more vitamins, more antioxidant power, and critical phytonutrients.

Hydroponic basil is also healthy because it is produced without the need for nutrient-rich soil, which may contain soil-borne diseases. In addition, you do not have to worry about any foreign contaminants invading your food supply or the hydroponic environment with hydroponic basil.

Best Nutrients for Basil Hydroponics

Most hydroponic gardeners use a general mixture of nutrients. However, you need to understand that every plant grown hydroponically has a different nutrient composition suitable for its growth. For example, for hydroponic basil, you require a mix of calcium and potassium of up to 50%.

Make sure during mixing that you maintain the correct ratio of calcium and potassium. Calcium and potassium in the hydroponic basil are related to the flavor and oil of basil, and therefore you must mix the correct proportions.

Growing basil hydroponically also requires you to have other nutrients like magnesium and nitrogen. So to keep the basil alive, getting the correct nutrient mix is essential.

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How Long Does Basil Take to Grow Hydroponically?

One of the most appealing things that should encourage you to grow basil hydroponically is because it is a fast grower. It will take your hydroponic basil just 28 days to produce a harvestable crop.

For this to happen, your crop must grow under optimal conditions. Basil grows rapidly, and therefore you can benefit from its harvest throughout the years since the more you cut its leaves, the more it continues to grow. The good thing about basil is a crop that is not a one-and-done type of crop.

The hydroponic basil plant can live long if you offer proper care. First, however, you must know that constantly pruning and maintaining the hydroponic basil will continue to make your plant more productive.

Tips for Success when Growing Hydroponic Basil

Even though growing hydroponic basil is not tricky, it requires frequent maintenance and supervision.

Essential tips you can keep in mind are:

  • Keep the air circulating.

Growing basil hydroponically requires providing a healthy amount of humidity in the air. You should ensure the air is circulating and not stagnant to avoid mildew.

  • Prune Regularly with Shears

Keep it pruned if you want a massive production in your hydroponic basil. Start pruning it as soon as it develops a second leaf.

  • Choose a Hydroponic Solution that Works Well for Basil

The best solution for your hydroponic basil is the one containing calcium, nitrogen, and potassium.

  • Provide a correct pH of 6.0 to 6.2.
  • Provide your hydroponic basil with enough heat and light.
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Which Hydroponic Method Is Best for Basil?

Hydroponic basil can grow in any hydroponic system; however, you must select a plan that will allow you to easily access your plant for easy pruning and harvesting.

One of the best hydroponic systems you can choose when growing basil hydroponically is the Ebb and Flow method. It is straightforward, especially if you are a beginner. In this system, you will flood your plant’s roots with water and nutrients for like fifteen minutes before allowing them to drain back out.

The best thing about the Ebb and Flow is that everything is run on a timer, so you will not have to worry about remembering to drain the nutrient solution.

Final Thoughts

Growing basil hydroponically is the best choice for a hydroponic gardener. Hydroponic basil grows quickly, and it is easy and fun to grow it. So you take the chance and invest in increasing hydroponic basil since it thrives very well in the hydroponic system.

You are assured a great harvest if you provide sufficient conditions for your hydroponic basil, and you can benefit from a hydroponic garden by developing it yourself. If you have not started growing hydroponically, it’s not too late.

Happy planting!