AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Review

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Review

If you’re looking for a way to grow healthy vegetables and herbs without the hustle of tilling, planting, and fertilizing, AeroGarden Harvest has your back. The AeroGarden is a self-contained indoor garden that uses hydroponics to grow plants. It will help you get food, herbs, and vegetables year-round without the need for soil or sunlight.

If you’re yet to get your kit, then you have all the reasons to read this review. We have a comprehensive review of the product to help you learn about AeroGarden Harvest independently. We’ll talk about the features, performance, pros and cons, as well as the value that this kit brings to you. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

How AeroGarden Harvest Features

The only way to grow plants indoors is through hydroponics. Hydroponics is a technique that uses water and nutrients to grow plants without soil. The nutrients come in soluble form and can be absorbed by the plants. This enables them to grow at a faster rate without soil. Here are some of the features that make this gardening system work as it should.

LED Lighting

AeroGarden Harvest comes with an LED lighting system, which is essential for growing plants indoors. Plants need light for photosynthesis. Therefore, you must provide artificial lights to make up for the lack of sunlight or natural light if you are growing plants indoors.

LED lighting is energy efficient, so it does not consume much power. LEDs are designed to emit specific wavelengths of light that promote growth in plants. Also, the small size ensures that the AeroGarden hydroponic gardening system works well even in low-lit areas.

6 POD Slots

Aerogarden harvest comes with six pods slot that is enough to help you grow healthy farm produce for your family. You have the space to grow up to six different herbs at the same time without any hustle. Whether you want to grow cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, etc., the indoor garden system has your back. Each pod is well designed to allow optimal root space that ensures rapid growth for your plants.

Perfect Size for Countertops

You don’t have to worry if you live in a small house because the hydroponics system won’t occupy much space. The unit is made with the utmost precision to fit anywhere on your countertop. The design of Aerogarden has every small detail organized so that you will find easy to maintain. The compact size of this system makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t have much space in their home or even at work.

Quick Growth

Growing your plants using hydroponics garden has never been so easy. The best thing about the system is you will enjoy the fast growth of your plants in just six weeks which is incredible. You just have to grow your seeds and check back after a week to see the germination process. You’ll then have to give it a few more weeks, and you’ll be amazed at how fast it grows your plants compared to the traditional planting methods.

Simple Design with LED Display

The hydroponics system has an incredibly simple design that makes it easy for almost anyone to use it without any problem. With the help of an LED display, you can easily monitor your system’s pH level and temperature. There’s a built-in fan for aeration as well as circulation, which makes the growing process a lot easier and more effective.

Easy Growing Process

The best part about this system is that it has a 4 step process which gives you incredible results with each harvest. The stages include germination, vegetation, bloom, and finally post-harvest. It is designed in such a way that you only need to add water when it is necessary and not add any nutrient solution throughout the whole process, making it a lot easier for you to use.

AeroGarden Harvest Performance Comparison

There are many hydroponics systems in the market that perform well when growing plants and vegetables. However, the AeroGarden Harvest has some top-notch features and specifications which make it stand out from all others.

The results after every harvest of the AeroGarden Harvest are incredible. The best part about this product is that it has been designed to use less energy, water, and nutrients. It also comes with an advanced LED light system which makes the seeds germinate faster than you can imagine. Another essential feature of the AeroGarden Harvest is that it comes with a 7-inch color touch screen for easy control of the machine.

This product is made in the USA, and most importantly, this is a user-friendly product. Cleaning and maintaining this lettuce growing system is super easy. In addition to all its features, the AeroGarden Harvest also offers you a 90- day satisfaction guarantee.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Pros

Easy Set-Up

The hydroponics setup is super easy and fun. The setup takes only a few minutes, and in case you face any problems, there is an inbuilt manual that can be accessed to solve the problem. The seed pods are pre-packaged, so all you have to do is drop them into place – no measuring or mixing required. To do anything with the machine, you have to press one button.

Easy to Use​

Using the indoor garden system is a no-brainer even after setting it up. The display guides you through adding water, nutrients, seeds, and how to maintain everything right from the time you start growing the plants. The operating is done with just one button and it starts working.

Highly Efficient

The hydroponics system runs pretty quietly. It uses very little electricity – only 40 watts. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden is the easiest way to grow herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers, and even fruits in the kitchen.


The Aerogarden harvest comes in different beautiful colors, including red, black, teal, and white. The design is sleek and stylish. The light on the top of the unit looks pretty attractive at night when it lights up.

Growth Performance

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden uses patented Miracle-Gro AeroGardens. You can use it for planting almost any type of seed, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, salad greens, etc.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Cons

You Need to Rely on Reminders

To add water to the gardening system, you need to rely on the system reminding you when it is time. It doesn’t come with a water-level window that can help you see when it needs water. Other users also say the reminder isn’t effective enough, so you must always check the water level manually.

It's Expensive

The growing system is pretty expensive compared to traditional growing systems. Since this isn’t a full-sized greenhouse, you’ll need several aero gardens to get decent production from your plants.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Value

Even though some users complain that the indoor garden system is expensive, you’ll surely get value for your money. It’s a fantastic indoor growing system that can accommodate several plants at the same time.

It has a good reputation for being easy to use and effective in growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers indoors. You’ll be able to get a bountiful harvest from every plant because of its hydroponic system. The automated timer will save you from having to check the water levels manually.

The AeroGarden Harvest is perfect for hydroponics cultivation beginners who want to grow plants without worrying about complicated equipment and maintenance. It’s an affordable product that can give you great results with minimal effort on your part.

You’ll be able to produce high-quality vegetables, herbs, and flowers at home, even if you live in a small apartment. You can even grow them on your kitchen counter or place them under any tabletop so long as there’s enough space for the AeroGarden to fit comfortably.

Our Verdict

The AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden is an affordable and easy way of growing plants indoors. It comes with everything that you need: seeds, water probes, all the necessary nutrients, and LED lights. As compared to conventional methods of indoor gardening, which involve setting up hydroponic systems or using grow lights. You’ll save time and effort because the AeroGarden does it all for you.

It’s an excellent tool if you want your home to be brimming with greenery yet lack the space, time, or desire to maintain plants. So, if you’re ready to enjoy all year long fresh produce from your own indoor garden – whether it be leafy greens, tomatoes, or even herbs – order an AeroGarden Harvest today!